What’s inside The World Cup Soccer Ball?

It wouldn’t be the World Cup without Adidas designing a new soccer ball that the players can complain about. For 2018’s Cup they’ve introduced the Telstar 18, a graphic update on the classic, black-and-white-TV-friendly Telstar from 1970. Adidas’ designers opted to place an NFC chip inside of the ball.

The new ball is a product of four years of design and testing, and looks are about the only thing it shares with its older relative. The original model was comprised of 32 individual panels that had to be hand-stitched together. The new one, manufactured in China and Pakistan, has just six panels that are machine-stitched around a newly designed latex bladder, ensuring a more stable performance from ball to ball.

Credit: What’s Inside?

Father and son team, Dan and Lincoln Markham of the What’s Inside? channel, used a knife to cut open the official FIFA World Cup game balls from 1930, 1970, and the Adidas Telstar ball from 2018 to see what’s inside.

Via: What’s Inside


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