GeoOrbital Wheel – Make Your Bike Electric in 60 Seconds

The GeoOrbital Wheel converts any standard bicycle into an electric bike in seconds by simply replacing the front wheel. Outside of the biking world, the GeoOrbital platform opens up a world of possibilities for alternative electric vehicles.

Michael Burtov was inspired by TRON’s orbital wheeled cycles to make changes to current bicycles. He envisioned a motor and battery inside a bicycle wheel and built his first prototype of GeoOrbital, a motorized wheel to convert a bicycle to an electric bicycle.

La rueda que transforma tu bici tradicional en una eléctrica en 60 segundos - Imagen 2

Credit: kickstarter

With a 60 second installation and priced under $1,000, the GeoOrbital wheel, allows people to use their current bike “to bicycle to work without sweating, or to ride via routes with hills that they would otherwise be unable to conquer” – INC

Credit: geoo

Wheels are available in two styles – 26 inch and 700C. The system uses a 36 Volt, 500 Watt brushless DC motor and a 6 Amp-hour lithium ion battery. The entire wheel assembly weighs 17 pounds and adds around 11-14 pounds of weight to your bike.

The range of wheel is around 12 miles if the user doesn’t pedal and up to 30 miles if the user pedals. The system also has a USB outlet that can be used for charging.

Via: GeoOrbital