Woman Goes From Body Dysmorphia to Plus-Size Model

As a teenager, Danica Marjanovic was a size 10 and miserable. Today is she a size 16 and happier than ever.

From a young age, Danica, now 24, battled with body dysmorphia. In her late teens the body positivity blogger lost a considerable amount of weight, documenting her diet tips on social media, but never felt happy about her slim figure.

But after a difficult break up, Danica from Belfast, was motivated to start her life on a new journey of body positivity, self acceptance and self love, and rather than be overwhelmed by her insecurities, Danica embraced them by thrusting them into the spotlight via her blog.

Credit: barcroft.tv

Now, Danica is taking the next step into accepting her new body, by entering a plus-size modelling competition.

She told Barcroft TV: “I’ve always had a curvy body, so I think that’s also what played into my body dysmorphia. Even when I was so slim, I was probably about a size 10 on top, to me that still wasn’t good enough.

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