World’s Largest RC Model Turbine Helicopter EC 145 Eurocopter

This giant-scale Eurocopter EC-145 was designed and built from Heli-Factory in Germany. This is a fantastic looking helicopter that can be purchased ready-to-fly directly from Heli-Factory, saving you hundreds of hours of construction time.

Heli-Factory specializes in making ready-to-fly, giant-scale RC helicopters powered by the Jet Cat brand turbine engines. They have over 20 different giant-scale helicopters that you can choose from. Each model weighs from 30 to 40 pounds and they come completely painted, detailed and test flown. They can even deliver the model with your favorite radio system.

All the giant scale models have scale-looking main rotor and tail rotor systems. On the EC-145, it uses a 4-bladed main rotor and Fenestron tail rotor, just like the real helicopter. Because all the Heli-Factory scale models have multi-bladed, flybarless rotor systems; they all use a 3-axis SAS (stability augmentation system) to make the helicopter easier to handle.

Model: Eurocopter EC 145 (Alterbaum Premium Helicopter)
Pilot: Bruno Ziegler
Scale: 1:3,24
Rotor diameter: 3,37 m
Lenght: 3,20 m
Take-off Weight: 60 kg
Engine: Turbine

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