World’s Top 20 Most Expensive Luxury Yachts

From boats with their own mini-submarines to ones with multiple helipads here are the Worlds Most Expensive Yachts.

Oculus – This 250 foot ship was built to accommodate 14 guests in impeccable luxury and style. The stunning exterior of the yacht is meant to mimic the jaw and eye socket of large fish and mammals of the ocean. The interior, while being very stylish, is extremely futuristic.

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The Rising Sun –Built for a cool $200million and fully bought in 2010 by David Geffen, The Rising Sun is the 11th largest yacht in the world. Some of its spectacular features include, 82 rooms on 5 levels with a total living area of 86,000 sqft, onyx countertops, Jacuzzi bathrooms, gym, wine cellar, private theater, and basketball court that doubles as a helipad.

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Alysia – A luxury yacht owned by a Greek business man, the Alysia was built in 2006 for $13 million. This ship has a giant Jacuzzi, two outside bars, water jets, diving and fishing equipment. There’s also a private theater and small restaurant on board.

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