Desdemona and the AI Revolution in Music

Ben Goertzel is a cognitive scientist, artificial intelligence researcher, entrepreneur, and author. He is the CEO and founder of SingularityNET, a project dedicated to creating benevolent decentralized artificial general intelligence. He is also the chief scientist of financial prediction and AI software company Novamente LLC, and an advisor to Singularity University.

Goertzel has authored several books on artificial intelligence, including “The Structure of Intelligence: A New Mathematical Model of Mind,” “Artificial General Intelligence,” and “Creating Internet Intelligence.” He is a proponent of benevolent artificial intelligence and has dedicated his career to creating AGI that is beneficial to humanity. Goertzel is also the creator of Desdemona, the world’s first AI robot frontwoman and lead vocalist of the Jam Galaxy Band.


Desdemona uses AI technology to draw from a library of great artists, poets, scientists, and writers to produce spontaneous AI-generated poetry using natural language processing-oriented neural networks. The robot has been featured in various events and performances, including a gig in New York in 2022, which was the first to be fronted by a robot.

The Jam Galaxy Band features professional musicians and multi-instrumentalist CEO Dianne Krouse, American contemporary composer and virtuoso guitarist Elliott Sharp, and Frankie Storm, a Grammy-nominated songwriter who has worked with Rhianna, Jennifer Lopez, and Sean Paul.

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