HILL HX50 As Desirable As Your Destination

The HX50 helicopter has been designed with flowing, elegant contours that have been sculpted from the ground up to look refined and captivatingly beautiful when presented in a single body color.

The aircraft is available in seven hand-selected striking metallic colors, each carefully chosen by the design team for the way they emphasize the helicopter’s stunning surface detail, enchantingly sleek form, and elegant black and chrome accents.

Customers can choose to upgrade to the premium paint package, which includes custom color matching and specialist matte, satin, ultra-metallic, or pearlescent finishes. For those seeking a more assertive or themed appearance, Hill provides bespoke paint schemes tailored to a client’s individual needs for a completely individual aircraft appearance.


The HX50 helicopter offers luxury leather seats combined with a choice of fine wood finishes, which can add a sophisticated, subtle, and opulent touch to any space. Here are some examples of luxury leather seats and fine wood finishes:

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  4. Bernhardt offers the Palisades leather sofa, which exhibits fine craftsmanship and a distinctly modern styling. Elegant sloped arms and sleek tapered legs add to the sophisticated look of the sofa.
  5. Bernadette Livingston offers high-quality unique leathers and fabrics for luxury upholstered furniture. Their collection of luxury leather furniture is of the highest quality and is available online.
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